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In IDEA AIR we set our goal to develop most comfortable, lightest and design sophisticated seats for air travel. That's why we created an international team, including people from the Czech Republic, Germany, England and the USA, who have a lot of experience with the development, engineering and sale of aircraft seats. We are not ashamed of that we have to learn. We believe, that one day the others will learn from us.

Project ambassador

“My name is Ivan Boruta. I like doing new things and doing them as long as I can’t do them perfectly. I believe that we will create a seat that will differ from others in design and that will provide passengers more space than ever before.”

Ivan Boruta

One should do what she or he likes. This is according my opinion a sense of life.

I love to invent and develop new things and to overcome the boundaries beyond which no one else has crossed before. And then enjoy watching my colleagues implementing and further developing my initial ideas.

We had no experience, we did not know the necessary processes, but we had a determination. We were the first in Europe to make electrically operated train seats.

But I have one other dream.

Design and develop unique, comfortable aircraft seats that will be among the best on the market.

And why did I establish IDEA AIR?

I have close relationship to flying. As a kid I made aircraft models. My hobby is gliding.

“Why do I think we will succeed? We have long-term experience with development and engineering of train seats and we believe that this experience can be applied also to air travel. With train seat development we have learned to meet the various strict requirements and standards and now we are ready to prove our skills in aviation market.“

We work without

Deficiencies on aircraft seats are being often overlooked. Screws and pins are visible. Overall design is neglected. We want to end this. Therefore, when developing airline seats, our international IDEA AIR team will focus on their design. Weaknesses are inexcusable - we develop and construct without compromise.

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